A message from
Jack D. Rehberg, 33rd Deg.
Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Montana

Grand Almoner of the Supreme Council
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, S.J


Dear Scottish Rite Brother:
I am pleased to inform you that the Scottish Rite Foundation of Montana has a 501(c)3 status from the IRS and your contributions to this Foundation will be deductible for income and estate taxes.
It is my hope that this status will encourage you to consider contributions to this Foundation and you also will include the Foundation in your wills and charitable remainder trusts.
The principal amount of the Scottish Rite Foundation cannot be used and all gifts, trusts, memorials and bequests given to the Foundation become and will continue always to be living memorials.  Funding of requests approved by the Board will be from appreciation of investments.
There are many areas in which the income from the Foundation can be used.  Some of these will include Language Clinics, Scholarships and other programs approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors.  Each Valley of Scottish Rite in Montana has two representatives on the Board of Directors.
This Foundation will be able to assist you in the financial planning necessary to take advantage of the many opportunities of gifting to the Foundation.  You might also want to pay attention to articles in the Scottish Rite Journal giving ideas on various plans of giving that will be of benefit to the contributor.
For additional information please contact the Foundation Board member from your Valley and he will be able to outline the programs planned for the Foundation.  Your Valley Secretary can identify your Board members.
I would be pleased if you would give consideration to contributing to the Foundation.

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