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Bro. Steve McKim, PM - Octagon Lodge No. 511, F. & A. M.
in Lafayette Indiana, USA

Use of these graphics by brother Masons for not-for-profit
web projects that promote freemasonry in a positive manner

is granted, so long as the source is recognized.
    Permission for use in other projects may be granted upon request. 

NOTE:  All graphics on these pages were created by
Stephen A. McKim, of Lafayette Indiana, USA
and are copyrighted

hese graphics
may not be reproduced or used in any other manner than stated above
without permission -- with the exception of members
of the Masonic Web Warriors
originating in New Pitsligo, Scotland, to whom full use and authorization is granted
to do as they deem worthy with these graphics for the benefit of our Craft and its cause.

Note: other designs are available but not yet posted, if you need something specific and don't see it, please inquire.

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Helena Lodge 3


[Certificate presented to Stephen McKim by the Grand Lodge of Montana]

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Helena Lodge 3


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